How to Become Radio DJ

If you want to become a radio DJ, there will be a lot of things you will need to be aware of. It is not as easy as walking up in the morning and deciding you want to be a radio DJ. However, there is no need to be pessimistic. Let us discuss a few things that you need to know to start you down the right path.

To begin with, you can not expect to get hired as a full-time radio disk jockey right off the bat. There are a few things you need to do. Anyone who likes to talk and joke with the people and loves the music would make a brilliant radio DJ.

You can start out at the local university or college radio station, this is on a volunteer basis. However, these seats are usually taken up by the local students, most likely from the communication and journalism department, or maybe even the fine arts department.

Education requirements do vary, most radio disk jockeys have a bachelors or masters degrees in broadcasting, journalism, and communication

If you have a good enough talent, you might be able to make a deal and still find yourself a spot, generally a few days a week, or a few hours a night, depending on if there are any vacancies.

You can also do your own broadcasting over the Internet. This is as easy as having a fine selection of books and a character to think about while the next chapter is coming up. Live Internet broadcasting has become very popular over the years. With various types of software for it, both web-based and for the desktop.

You will need your own hosting platform or your own server to get this off the ground and of course, it will be a financial burden, unless you get some sponsors or advertising to pay you some money to advertise for them over the Internet. You won’t get this at the start, wait until you get a good platform and solid following to make it work.

Begin at the bottom of a local radio station.

This is not at all appealing but you have to start somewhere. But if you get a post at the radio station that actually involves the radio programming and not pushing papers in a cabin somewhere, all the better.

You might even want to begin as an intern, and be the radio station gopher while you learn the basics. This is the best way of starting out.

You can also go to a university or a college for a degree.

This does not guarantee you the position at a radio station but it does teach you the fundamentals of the business and even some air time at the university radio station.

If you really want to become a radio DJ, then you need to do the basic work and learn the art any way you can. It is extremely rare that a greenhorn will get the golden chance right away. Keep trying, never give up and who knows, you might be the host of your own show one day. Would not that be fantastic

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